We provide online quran classes that facilitates muslims and non-muslims across the globe for online Quran teaching with tajweed and noorani Qaeda and much more at flexible schedule by our talented verified Quran teachers. The experienced Quranic tutors at our online Quran teaching academy share the vision of their CEO and believe that,this prestigious duty of offering Quran education should be performed with utmost dedication and commitment. Moreover, the organization also believes that the process of learning must be as simple and facilitating as possible along with a lineant nature of  teachers so that everyone feels comfortable especially kids to learn Quran online easily.

 Our Vision

The Quran is a miraculous gift given to mankind. We envision reviving the position of the Quran – and hence Allah’s guidance ultimately – to become central to a Muslim’s daily life, and not just ceremonial or cultural.That’s why we started Quran Academy with a vision to become a one-stop centre of articles, resources, courses and apps that help make the Quran a positive and central part of your daily life. Quran for kids as well as adults is necessary.

Our Mission

We strive to combine both technology and the power of human relationships to help you learn and understand the teachings of Quran. All our resources, products and services are carefully designed to combine technology with social connection and access to the experts that make engaging with the Quran daily super-easy and beneficial, Insha’Allah.
We pray that our efforts will help make it easy for the everyday, busy Muslim like you to benefit from the greatest miracle, the Holy Quran.