Allah has favored Muslims with the best religion and we are extremely fortunate to be a Muslim Ummah. Islam is not only a religion but a deen which means it is a complete code of life. We learn society with the help of this religion. People from varying backgrounds, positions, societies, and ethnicity are equivalent in Islam. Hajj is the best example of correspondence and unity when people from various cultures, societies and ethnicity come together to worship. There is no cultural isolation segregation in this religion. This shows Islam is extremely a gift for us. Quran for kids beginners is the creator’s mercy.

All Muslims must join together and hold the rope of Allah. They can do this by interfacing with the Holy Book of Allah, called the Holy Quran. Muslims can be united if they read it, understand it, memorize it. And then apply its lessons in regular day to day existence.

Quran for Beginners is the First step towards Guidance

Each Muslim ought to gain proficiency with the Quran. But there are many who for some reason have never had the opportunity to learn online Quran classes. The Internet has numerous advantages. This not only brought people together but gave them numerous approaches to learn. Like formal online education, Online Quran education is also possible.

There are so many examples all over the ages and in our modern times as well. They all sincerely seek the truth and start a long journey searching for it. Allah says in the Noble Quran that:” But We shall be sure to guide to Our ways those who strive hard for Our cause: God is with those who do good.” True faith is an inspiration for reverts and young Muslims who seek to understand Islam and learning Quran for beginners. The Quranic verse asserts that those who strive sincerely for seeking the truth, Allah the Almighty guide their hearts to Him and gladdens their hearts to Islam. Those new reverts start their journey by learning the Quran for beginners.

The Aim of Learning Quran for Beginners:

learning Quran for beginners the new reverts and non-Arab Muslims who start learning Quran for beginners should be taught the true message of Islam while learning the Quran. They should understand the principles of Islam and that Islam aims mainly at spreading justice, mercy, equality, and high morals. Islam comes to free mankind from worshiping false gods and low desires and whims to free people from all kinds of fears. And worries and elevate them to worship the One Who created everything and Who only can harm and benefit them.

Thus, the course of learning Quran for beginners should lead learners to realize that Islam encourages people to release their potentials, be creative and serve humanity with every good deed. They can while having that deep faith that Allah the Almighty is watching them all the time, recording what they do and rewarding them for it whether it is big or tiny.