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Online Read Quran With Tajweed

Online Quran Reading with Tajweed plays an important role in Learning Quran. Learning the basic recitation of Quran is necessary for Learning Quran with Tajweed. Being Muslim it is oblivious to Learn Quran and spend our life according to the Quran.
In any case without any rules everything is difficult to learn and grip good command on it. So Quran Reading with Tajweed is also the basic rules for Learning Quran and it can only possible by Learning Noorani Qaida.

Kids with the age of 4-5 years, when they will Read Quran with Tajweed they will understand the meaning of that Harakat and Huroof which help them to learn the Quran quickly with its meaning.

Live Quran Lessons online will teach you the following in this course:

• Basics of Quran
• Huroof
• Tanween
• Noon Sakinah
• Basics rules of Noorani Qaida
• Noon Qutni
• Waqf

We have the best professional both Male and Female Quran Tutors, who are proficient in multiple languages (English, Urdu and Arabic etc.).

Learn Quran Online in flexible timings, no matters what’s your location. Our company is using Home Based Developed Software for live video and live audio call named as Hashmeeting which allow the screen sharing too.